Clara on Clara

Clara is an enthusiastic and dynamic fashion stylist, who also happens to be a qualified psychologist. Strange combination? Perhaps at first, but when you mull it over a little, it starts to make sense. The way we dress is very much a part of our sense of self – it's how we communicate what we're about and how we're feeling to the world around us. So, while successful in her psychology career, this born and bread fashionista took her own advice and merged her two passions: Freud and fashion. Far from wardrobe counselling session on a leather couch, the result of this unusual combination is a stylist with the know-how to ensure you not only look great – but feel great too.

Following an eight year stint living and working in London where she furthered her education at the London School of Fashion, Clara moved to Dubai – the fashion capital of the Middle East – to pursue her life-long passion.

Destined from birth to be a shaper of silhouettes, Clara harnesses her half Italian, half Japanese heritage and that reflect her vibrant background, combining different approaches, attitudes and cultures to style her clients in fresh and unexpected ways.

Whether creating unique, yet functional wardrobes or selecting a high-fashion outfit for a special occasion or photo shoot, Clara's inspirational and personalized work captures attention with compelling details, radiates emotion through colour, and ultimately reflects her client's personality and lifestyle.