Clara on CPR –
Clothing Purge & Resuscitation

Despite sounding scary, a session of wardrobe CPR is painless and its benefits extend well beyond your newly organized closet and is available, as all of Clara's services are, for men, women, children and even pets!

With a little style coaching, Clara's clients no longer stare aimlessly into the abyss that is their closet. Mornings are a breeze. Long-lost accessories find creative new ways to be worn. Things you never thought would go together will suddenly look smashing. Getting ready for a night out is a joy. Shopping trips will be effective, rewarding and satisfying because you know exactly what you need.

Working with your existing wardrobe, Clara will guide you in everything from what to keep and what to add to your choice of colours, fabrics, accessories. The result is a more functional, flattering and versatile wardrobe. Armed with your new style foundation, you and Clara can either bid each other adieu or head to the mall for a personal shopping session.

$ - Wardrobe CPR sessions start from AED 300 (min. 2 hour session)